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Soul Realignment®                                                 

Using the Akashic Records, we will establish who you are at Soul Level and identify your specific energetic qualities as well as gifts, capacities, and talents. We will check in and clear any blocks and restrictions that are in the way of you living the life you desire.

Soul Realignment sessions are the foundation of many available readings with the Akashic Records. These include Life Situation Readings, Relationship Readings, Chakra Analysis, and Life Lesson Readings.

Property Clearing                                                     

Crystal Rock

We are generally attracted to properties that are vibrationally in tune to us. As we change and grow, we may no longer feel "at home" in our own home. This session will neutralize any discordant energies and realign the property to your current vibration allowing you and your property to work together in harmony going forward.

Meet Your Spirit Guides                                         

Your Spirit Guides are waiting to connect with you! Learn how many spirit guides you have, their capacities and talents, their role on your guide team, how they get your attention, and how to incorporate them into your daily life. 

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